torsdag 7 juni 2012

I finished Embassytown!

And so, a couple of hours ago I finished Embassytown. I had time for a short reflection before I went to a work function, and mainly marvelled at Miéville's ability to once again cobble together a great read. I'm stricken with some of the similar themes in his books, and would have likened Embassytown to the Scar before I realized that the occuring theme is one that comes with most of the Miéville novels I've read.

Revolution and evolution become one as his main characters drive the plot forward through genius, intuitivity or just proximity to great individuals. The catharsis when either the worldview of one of the viewpoints, or you as a reader, realize the greater picture is something I've found many authors lacking. Especially on the scale that Miéville manages it.

I admire Miéville for his great innovation and the scope at which he projects his ideas and then summarily ties them up with great aplomb. Who'd have known a novel on linguistics could be this enticing?

I've no idea what to read next though, Orb Sceptre Throne still hasn't arrived.

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