söndag 3 juni 2012

And also before I forget..

I received the second batch of new books on friday afternoon, didn't get the time to collect them until saturday though. I had to brave the cold winds and pouring rains to collect them though, but I was steadfast in the face of adversity.

I am really eager to get started on these what with all the rave reviews they've been getting, but now that they've arrived I'm a bit shaken by the size of the pile. And I'm still expecting Orb, Sceptre Throne which I had planned to be my next read after Embassytown (I've about a hundred pages left).

I got a head's up from The Wertzone's that there's an excerpt out of Richard Morgan's The Dark Defiles on Morgan's blog, and some news regarding the work being done on the grand finale. There are good feelings concerning this book! I will probably have a look through when at work in the morning.

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