tisdag 8 maj 2012

Taking a cue from Sensawunda

To spur my own writing I've taken a cue from Adam Callaway's Sensawunda in putting down the current word count of my many disparate works. Hopefully the added incentive will push on the whole creative process which right now is dragging me every which way. The background of the whole thing is that I feel an over-powering urge to map as much history and world as is entirely possible down, so that when I end up writing I find myself a bit cornered by the groundwork done. It's a monster that just keeps growing and growing and I am fairly certain that I desperately need to finish something in order to push everything forward a bit.

I had an agreement to have a first draft done in last november but what I did have was several more cultural backgrounds, some racial clarifications and more work on the world map. Not many words on the actual novel though. So without much further ado, and to give myself a great big kick in the back, here are the numbers:

SHORT STORY #1: Word count of 1 536
SHORT STORY #2: Word count of 1 179
NOVEL #1: Word count of 12 046

'Tap tap tap'.

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