lördag 19 maj 2012

Courtesy of Sam Cooke

So it's saturday night, I've got the tv on with the Champions League final (rooting silently for Bayern) and trying to finish Kell's Legend. I'm about 2 thirds through and it's definetely delivered action-wise, very reminiscent of his mentioned inspiration; David Gemmel's Druss the Legend.
Remic has a habit of ending every chapter with a cliffhanger sort of thing, which I'm not entirely sure of how I feel about, but the pace and the action is thoroughly engrossing and the simplicity is refreshing.

I'm thinking I will give Embassytown a go after I've finished Kell's Legend. I think the change of pace and depth will help Miéville's latest award nominee. Hopefully the few bad reviews I've read will help me not feeling underwhelmed. My expectations aren't as high as is usual with Miéville's books.

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