onsdag 23 maj 2012

And so I finished Kell's Legend!

Well, I did it on monday actually. Yesterday I started on Embassytown but I'm only a few pages in so far. I'm happily surprised with Remic's Kell's Legend, I wouldn't call it prose since most of what he writes has little to no poetic or fine-lit meaning, but it is downright hard-core minimalistic fantasy of a higher level. The invention of the clockwork vampires with their culture and plot mechanics is brilliant even if I find the battles and depth of character in Kell a bit lacking. Still a good read though, and as mentioned a great change of pace. I'll have a review up towards the end of the week most likely.

I also watched the Avengers last night, and have to say I was pleasantly surprised. A lot of good action and fine acting on behalf of most of the actors. I've never really been a fan of Iron Man but Robert Downey Jr's take on him is growing on me. Hulk was his usual likeable self. I nearly missed the ending though, great foreshadowing which probably passed a few of the more uninitiated movie goers by.

I'm not really one for Marvel's updating of their entire universe as I haven't followed what's been happening in the comics since early 2000's, I just get frustrated. I read a bit about the black Nick Fury which I think is a poor substitute for having an actual black super hero available. It's not like there aren't any, even if they have been few and far between. Samuel L Jackson did a decent job of catching the character of Nick Fury the elder though. My main irk though is the many different takes on the Hulk, and even if he didn't feature here the Spiderman issue. There are several more plot-driven parts of both characters' development that you can't need to rehash the same story two or three times. Get a grip Marvel, if I get to see one more Spiderman origins movie I'm having a pyre of the old magazines.

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