måndag 16 april 2012

Night Shade Books sale!

Way back when, I ordered some Erikson novellas from Night Shade Books. I usually don't go that route since I feel the need to support my local stores around here but this was long before any of the novellas were available from mostly anywhere.
And I have to say I was impressed with both the friendlieness and the punctuality of their deliveries. I had some further contacts with them after that and have to say they're a publisher that I wish all the best. Not quite fallen on lean times, but hit with the 'Publishing Apocalypse of 2011' in their own words.

If you're missing a couple of books in your collection, or want to pick out something new, head on over and get in on the 50% clearance. There's a 4 book minimum but I don't think it'd be too hard finding a couple of gems in their catalogue. Nightshade Books - 50% off!

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