söndag 15 april 2012

Coming soon(tm)..

The pretty recent ramblings on Glen Cook's writing got me to thinking of one of two computer games that have totally taken over my life in the past. From before their XBOX and Microsoft buy-out-in but after the Marathon series for the Mac crowd, Bungie released a wonder of a game called Myth: The Fallen Lords.

Box cover, Myth: the Fallen Lords

A quick glance will make you see how much of an inspiration Cook was for the team behind the game. The story, characters and just the overall feel of the game showed a stroke of genius, and with Fallen Lords such as Shiver, the Deceiver and the Watcher all more or less controlled by Balor I was sold before I even tried it myself. The immersive story and the fantastic cast of characters gave you not just hours of an entirely new genre of a game but also years of speculation on different events and characters that were never even seen in-game.
Map, Myth: The Fallen Lords

I'll try to get the feature thing up during the week, but if you have the time do a search for Myth: the Fallen Lords. There are still a few websites dedicated to the game and its running, even now. 14 years after it's initial release.


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