tisdag 24 april 2012

Finished the Cold Commands!

And I finally finished The Cold Commands last night! Been busy with work a lot lately but yesternight I finally dug into it and did the last 100+ pages in one last sitting (well lay, as I was in bed). Can't shake the feeling that Richard Morgan does himself a bit of a disservice with his graphic male on male sex scenes. The build up is great, the atmosphere and general feel of the books is dark and moody and his worldbuilding is neatly tied together with bits and pieces of backstory added along the way on the world- and charactershaping events of the invasion of the Scaled Folk. But when you discuss the book pretty much everything comes back to the gay sex scenes and their shock-value. But that's a completely other discussion, I'll just state that Morgan is, in my opinion, one of the powerhouses of the Sci-fi (and fantasy in part) genres of today and deserves a read no matter your sexual orientation or preference.

I'll try to have a review up in a day or two.

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