lördag 18 augusti 2012

Slump dot com

I've been in sort of a slump ever since blogger/blogspot managed to delete the entire review I had finished on Orb Sceptre Throne. While not entirely catastrophic to the main function of this blog it set me back quite a lot in wanting to have a sit down and go again.

I finished Jeff Salyard's Scourge of the Betrayer the other day as well but have yet to start on another book, knowing that eventually I will want to go back and re-do the review for Orb Sceptre Throne so I get the reviews done in the right order again. But I'm not expecting to have it finished by early next weekend, I don't really want to set a deadline. But it will be done.
As will the review of Scourge of the Betrayer once I get my thoughts properly in order.

Footy season starts again today in the Premier League, have to wait until monday for Everton though.

For my next read I'm thinking either the Adamantine Palace or either of the Hodder books that I got a back while. Still shocked every time I realize I have yet to pick up Erikson's Forge of Darkness. The sample reading available seem epic enough and I can't really wait to get my hands on it. Just a bit mad that work and what not conspires against me.

I've been doing a bit of writing myself but it's hard to find time for everything both wanting and needing to be done.

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